viernes, 8 de octubre de 2021

You idiot

Your pathetic husband is such big dick.... If this happened to me I'd have no fear

Hey man, wie geths, cosa succede, va todo bien?

She is free and you know it; that's what I'd say

You've nothing to do, she's loving me and not you; if you wanna keep on, we'll meet face to face

I'm the man who appears in your dreams,  remember you're free to cross the street

I don't want to harm you nor send you my neighborhood

Now trully man, don't I deserve a beer?
It will be as funny as waving boats with kids

I guess you rather leave the country instead; go to Mars, or Japan, I really don't care

But she is a victim of your imbecility, it's hard but it's true, that's not what she wants for sure

What do you do by the way, are you kind of a VIP? Oh my god, you money is rubbish to me

I never followed her (en la vida real), it was a thing of Destiny that we always colide, or maybe you get horny watching us suffer

What a pity boy, you are such a mistery, take advantage of been just a shit

You are the master keeper, no doubt about it, but you have met a wolf mixed with a cat;

How do you bother to control such?

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