domingo, 10 de octubre de 2021

Nor a 6 nor a 9

Remember the day we almost colide, 

I had to hold my breathe and hardly say ay!

I saw you smile and leave the spot with your grace

I had to go home and be awake until late

How I wish time stopped at that moment

Taste your leaps and hold you tight, that's better than honey

Today is October 10th, don't conform with a nine I'm your man and you know it

You may say I am wrong, check yourself instead

This is not the first time I tell off to you babe

Come as you are, take your time and relax

Important decisions take time, if you don't want I will pass

May you need to be far, I am preparing for something

No matter how it takes, sorry for my rush 

You have to understand how crazy you drive me

Please don't be afraid, we are all free to chance our mind

It's just that I guess we are made four each other

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