lunes, 11 de octubre de 2021

The Way

Change your profile image and I drop tobacco

If you do It, for sure I'll pay for some tacos

Then go to the cinema and see Old or Saw

Some scary movie I'm smarter than they say

When I preached on you was a trick to approach

Remember how funny was to chat with you that day

My dream as you know is now to be soccer coach

Where do you think we could probably go?

The farthest the best? Or maybe better close?

It depends, perhaps, on what others pretend?

Or maybe already you sent them where deserve?

Everything on its place as your little girl says?

I am so on love I can hardly rest,

But I take all my pills because that is the way

domingo, 10 de octubre de 2021

Nor a 6 nor a 9

Remember the day we almost colide, 

I had to hold my breathe and hardly say ay!

I saw you smile and leave the spot with your grace

I had to go home and be awake until late

How I wish time stopped at that moment

Taste your leaps and hold you tight, that's better than honey

Today is October 10th, don't conform with a nine I'm your man and you know it

You may say I am wrong, check yourself instead

This is not the first time I tell off to you babe

Come as you are, take your time and relax

Important decisions take time, if you don't want I will pass

May you need to be far, I am preparing for something

No matter how it takes, sorry for my rush 

You have to understand how crazy you drive me

Please don't be afraid, we are all free to chance our mind

It's just that I guess we are made four each other

Lista de cosas por hacer antes de morir/ Things to do before I die

1. Tocar Crazy Train a piano así/ Play Crazy Train on piano like this

2. Ganar una medalla olímpica / Win an olympic medal.

3. Sacarme el título de entrenador de fútbol/Get the soccer coach title.

4. Hacer un dueto con Sabina.

5. Irme a Hawai, jugar a la Play Station y surfear con Elvis, Lennon y demás/ Go to Hawai, play Play Station and surf with Elvis, Lennon and so... Who knows?

*Tutti i dati sono soggetti a cambiamento senza previa notizia

sábado, 9 de octubre de 2021


Love is obsession, passion, just as we feel for each other

No matter what people say, what others think, even your baby face brother

I don't deserve your compassion or pardon, we have mutual reasons to hate 

It's cyclical like my desease, it's full of hope as your eyes, it's an endless chess game,

If you want me to fix your pain give me your leaps, your skin for a moment,

Maybe I gav little to teach but my ways,, the feelings will be novel

Sorry is the hardest word, I understand now you wanned a believer in your life

Your image is on my chest, miracles exist, don't hold your hand, be my lover and wife

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2021

You idiot

Your pathetic husband is such big dick.... If this happened to me I'd have no fear

Hey man, wie geths, cosa succede, va todo bien?

She is free and you know it; that's what I'd say

You've nothing to do, she's loving me and not you; if you wanna keep on, we'll meet face to face

I'm the man who appears in your dreams,  remember you're free to cross the street

I don't want to harm you nor send you my neighborhood

Now trully man, don't I deserve a beer?
It will be as funny as waving boats with kids

I guess you rather leave the country instead; go to Mars, or Japan, I really don't care

But she is a victim of your imbecility, it's hard but it's true, that's not what she wants for sure

What do you do by the way, are you kind of a VIP? Oh my god, you money is rubbish to me

I never followed her (en la vida real), it was a thing of Destiny that we always colide, or maybe you get horny watching us suffer

What a pity boy, you are such a mistery, take advantage of been just a shit

You are the master keeper, no doubt about it, but you have met a wolf mixed with a cat;

How do you bother to control such?

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2021

No time to die

I hope, as time goes, you get close to show that was you but not me who gave heat to our love.

You cant hide anymore that those tears that I bred were already inside much before we first met.

As not long time ago I wrote from my heart, I saw you very sad on a bench when you was just a girl.

Was so glad when you told it was true, It was you who my eyes hardly watched driving crazy my head.

Tell your mama, your daddy your brother and dick husband I would still say yes if the chance I get.

So you like my concert? I dont care you have babes cos as Ozzy still says, I just want you and your ways.

Now you cry and demand why on hell all my mess, but the truth is your eyes can see two palms today.

The story you tell is a tale, such big fake. If you did turn head back and remember those days...

Probably you would cry so strong as today is the day you deserve my first song, want a date?