viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2021

Por eso soy así

Yo no elegí ser así. Yo no elegí no tener la capacidad de convertirme en un empotrador profesional tan fácilmente.

Soy de los que cree en lograr tener el paquete completo (😭), del que sigue creyendo en los cuentos de princesa, del que pasa de las que se ríen de esas historias.

¿Sabes por qué? Porque supe lo fantástico que eso podría ser sin importar lo que durase, como una atracción de feria.

Siento mucho haberte intimidado de una manera tan denigrante by observing you and contemplating you with my look, so defying.

I suposse my case, our case, will be a milestone, a no-turning point in how to show an interest, an intention, to result a desire that becomes in true love. Unfortunatelly, that was not the end. Not today, no-way-victory, and ending so predictable for a story.

So sad... so unthinkable, and deservable, to a guy, a man at time things could have cursed with that funny, mutual admiration, courtesy and respect as this sir always shows when he coexists with a being so divine as once found swimming with.

May you know who I was? In that pool😭😭💚💚♥️💚💚♥️💚💚💚 I suposse my doubt was so evident... At least, passed the doomsday, the costs seems to me fair.

Your thoughts when you move, and you walk were so close. If i had touched your skin... I would die, you might falled... for it was very clear that I was deeply in love with you.

Now you ask to yourself what I want with this post and I just beg to you not to go with such pain cos my wish always was to keep on with our roles, but my mental desease broke down and appeared. Your fears made you cry and my love just increased.

Don't you cry, woman please. Remember all this mess deserves a concert made with joy and so loud that my words will be heard by a bunch, by a croud and whatever you are now, through changes and years, it has nothing to do to what last decade I dreamed and you deserved.